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On everyone that is interested to have the best quotation of their car can get it in exchange of a tax that will be paid when you receive the guide. This Nada guide is about the prices for new and used cars, including the vehicles manufactured in the past 8 years from 2004 until 2011 (you can also find the Nada guide version for older cars that includes the vehicles manufactured between 1992 and 2004; that means 12 years of prices).

Nada used car

Day by day the Nada guide specialists gather information on vehicle prices by studying price listings so they can create the best guide of used cars prices. Nada used car is a car that will never have hidden costs because the guide is presenting all you have to pay for your favorite car model. This guide contains passenger cars and SUV pricing and also pricings on light-duty trucks. Some useful information is the M.S.R.P., trade-in, retail and loan prices (when you get a loan in order to buy a car you must know that you will pay extra taxes and fees to the loan creditor like bank or leasing company). We don’t forget also that used car guide made by Nada includes weight specification for all the used car in the past 8 years and more and photos of those cars. If you are interested in some vehicle model and you don’t know many things about it you just have to look in the Nada guide and you will find all necessary about what you are interested in, even photos that will let you recognize faster if that is the model you really searched for.

1 year subscription with 12 updates costs 90 USD. The cost is not high regarding the fact that these guides will help you choose the best used car from the list that you have in mind then you decide to buy a used car. Nada guide for used cars is more appropriate to be used by car dealers. Regular peoples that want to buy this guide for only one or two using may believe that this guide is expensive. But who will ever want to use it daily for finding the average prices of a used car will consider it quite valuable and will never give up from buying it at this price.

One more thing you need to be aware of: Nada guide for used cars is simply offering you the best price you can get when buying a used car or the best price you can obtain from selling your used car. But those prices are only for your reference and nobody will force you to sell or to buy the car to the price you find in the guide. This price also depends on the shape of your car and on the fact on how it was kept this car by the previous owner. Some used cars look like new because their owners kept them in very good conditions.

So if you were not decided yet to use this guide, I hope that my words above convinced you to try this guide and buy it with no restrictions.

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