Nascar changes rules, makes everything exciting again |

For most car fans watching Nascar from outside of North America doesn’t really make a lot of sense, but when the crashes occur, you can bet it gets our attention. With last season’s change in regulations though, where trading paint or driving dangerously was banned, in order to avoid any accidents and promote clean racing, audience figures plummeted as many people just lost interest in the whole championship.

Things are going to change though in 2010, as a Nascar executive, Robin Pemberton, revealed that changes will be made to the rules so that sponsors worried about their brand image won’t be able to affect how the driver and the team plans a race, and everyone will do whatever they want. The new rules “will put it back in the hands of drivers, and we will say ‘Boys, have at it and have a good time,’” revealed a Nascar rep.

This doesn’t mean the competition will turn into a glorified crash derby, as the bumps and grinds will need to be kept “withing reason”, but I’m sure many drivers will have various understandings of such a concept.

Besides the changes which will guarantee more excitement, the cars will see the current rear wing be replaced with a spoiler setup, in order to improve both looks and downforce.

What do you think about these changes? Will it make you watch Nascar once more or are other motorsport competitions more exciting?

Source: ESPN via Autoblog
Pic Source: GameDayTicketDeals

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