NCE takes down Toyota Prius’ top |

Posted on 6-05-2008 by Vlad Balan

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Though successful, the Toyota Prius is not the best looking car out there and we’re sure the last you’d expect was a convertible version of the car. However, Newport Convertible Engineering’s (NCE) thought that all those environment lovers out there driving a Prius would like to feel a little more freedom and decided to take down the car’s top and replace it with a fabric one. We don’t really dig those remaining windows frames, but we’re sure they were left there with a purpose. What do you think, you like it?

Check out more photos after the jump.

PS: Not really related to the article, but I don’t know why, everytime I see a Prius, I remember Achmed’s words and I laugh: “That is not a car but a lunch box. Did you know when you’re going down the highway in a Prius if you put your hand down the window the vehicle will tuuurn?”

Photo Gallery: Toyota Prius Convertible by NCE

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