New Aston Martine Rapide video showcases the super sedan around Nurburgring and in Italy |

A new genre of supercars is growing by leaps and bounds these days, as many new automakers are trying their hands on creating four-door performance vehicles, the super sedans. One of the most noticeable models is the Porsche Panamera, but UK manufacturer Aston Martin is trying to beat the German company with the upcoming Rapide model.

In order to show the testing stages through which the super sedan has gone through, the company has released this new video in which the development process is explained, including the endurance testing around the Nurburgring and the powertrain development which focused on the Stelvio Pass in Italy.

All in all, the Rapide is definitely a great looking car, and judging by this video, it definitely seems quite fast. Enjoy it and perhaps you can leave a comment with your opinion about this car.

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