New Blue Lion logo for Peugeot eco models |

Peugeot announced that all their economical models will be called ‘Blue Lion’ and to help buyers identify these models easier, they’ve also came up with a new logo for these cars. Instead of the regular silver lion badge, the eco models will be given a new ‘Blue Lion’ logo. Actually, this is really cool, it sets Peugeot apart from the rest of the economical cars. To be a part of the ‘Blue Lion’ range, the cars will need to return between 56mpg (46 US mpg or 5 liters/100 km) and 64mpg (53 US mpg or 4.4 liters/100 km) and emit 109-130g/km of CO2. This will allow the models to qualify for UK annual road tax between £35 and £120 and company car tax breaks. Models that will be part of the ‘Blue Lion’ range are the 107, 207 (all versions) and 308 (all version, including the SW).

Source: AutoExpress

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