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This time BMW went to great lengths to mask the new interior details with foam, but fortunately enough, the spies went to even greater lengths to take clear shots of it, so we can still distinguish some new features.

As announced for the 7 series, the new iDrive controller is mounted on the right side of the gear lever. We can tell that it has side buttons with functions, similar to the Audi’s MMI system. (you can see the foam tries to suggest the old iDrive controller position, further back) Also similar to Audi is the “P” button, for the electronic parking brake, located behind the gear lever.

Moving on, the new steering wheel seems to be fitted with scroll buttons for enhanced functionality. The dashboard seems to be a little more turned towards the driver

Rumors about the all new 5er’s equipment include active suspention, Head-up Display and a bigger sat-nav display on the dashboard.

The all new 5 series is supposed to arrive in spring 2010 as a 2011 model and it will be available as a sedan, touring and a fast-back version (which will have its own name, currently known as the PAS project).

Via: Worldcarfans

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