New details appear about the BMW 1 Series M-car, still not called the M1 |

BMW is definitely in a nasty position right now, as it wants to please fans of its popular 1 Series and offer them a true performance-oriented edition, crafted by its engineers at the M division, but doesn’t want to upset history fans by naming the aforementioned model the M1, which belonged to the famous supercar from the Bavarian carmaker.

Nothing is for sure in terms of its name, but at least the mechanical side of this baby M-car is taking shape quite nicely. It seems that the company will tweak the six-cylinder, twin-turbo unit from the 135i, taking it to 400 HP and 370 lb-ft of torque, coupled with a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission, sending power to the rear end, through a differential and a suspension taken straight from the bigger M3.

A BMW source did confirm to EVO magazine that a supercar will be made, but until then, the M division needs to keep on selling cars, which means that the 1-Series M model, which will no doubt resemble the Tii concept the company showed off in 2007, will roll off the assembly line first.

Source: EVO

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