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Roush F150 Nitemare

Two Ford special edition F-150 pickups were unveiled this week. First one is the Roush F150 Nitemare, a 445hp supercharged car based on the standard cab version of the F-150. The Roush F150 Nitemare is equipped with a Roush charger that boosts output from the 5.4L engine to 445hp and 500lb-ft. of torque. The car will be produced in a limited run of just 100 trucks.

The other one is a Harley-Davidson special edition. This version manages to produce 450hp and 500 lb-ft. of torque, and is based on the supercharged F-150 Harley-Davidson concept car on display at last November’s SEMA Show.

Performance enhancements include a Saleen twin-screw supercharger lifted from the Shelby GT-500, a dual-stage water-to-air intercooler and boost and air-charge temperature gauges.

Ford F150 Harley Davidson

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