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Last year a wonder was born. The car that finally sent the vaunted and hunted Murcielago into retirement: The Lamborghini Sesto Elemento. The 2010 Paris auto show was shocked to the core when the radical, unreal, stealth fighter lookalike Sesto Elemento was born.

The whole shape of the car spells “Cutting Edge”. You can’t see any curved lines on this car, all angles are sharp and extreme looking. If you thought Reventon looked sharp, you should take a good look at the Sesto Elemento. It is fully packed with spoilers, air vents and triangle shaped elements that seem to pop out from every surfaces of the car. The rear view mirrors seem welded to the car.

The front looks like it’s equipped with katana blades and more sharp edges that seem to split air molecules in two while running at full speed. Doors designed to open in the usual way by Lamborghini, have a set of shark like “gills” that seem to “breathe”. The rear part of the roof is marked by 10 hexagonal shaped holes along the engine’s cylinders, made to strike fear when gazed into the heart of the monster.

The most striking feature of the Lamborghini Sesto Elemento regarding appearance is that the entire body is constructed from carbon fiber. That is where the “Sixth Element” model name has been “inherited” from. The expensive material is extraordinarily light, making it 1100 pounds lighter that the “superlight” model of Gallardo Superleggera making the Sesto Elemento only 999kg.

The same Lamborghini taught all of us 30 years ago that looks aren’t everything. And once again proves us that an extremely awesome looking car, can go extremely fast. The velocity of this stealth fighter of a car is, well, supersonic. A shocking 2.5 seconds on 0 to 60 mph is unparalleled among the Lamborghini cars, and other cars in the same category for that matter. The awesome V 10 engine that reaches 8000 rpm develops a stunning 570 hp, and combined with the low weight equals an shockwave start and heading for a top speed of over 350 km/h.

Carbon fiber is used on more than the exterior of the car. Designed for only two people, the frontal subframe, wheels, and half of the “metallic dashboard” including the steering wheel are all made by carbon fiber. It simply resonates at the sound of the engine start. A six gear automatic transmission, balances perfectly the distribution of power to all 4 wheels. Yes it has an all wheel drive system. When you step inside the car, you feel like you’ve just entered a cockpit. The entire front side of the interior is one huge dashboard. You’re scared to even touch something or a button, afraid that it might launch a missile from somewhere or pop out a cannon.

Lamborghini has successfully integrated all the elements that made the Lamborghini cars some of the most exotic and eccentric cars in the world, into one single car. The extra sense (carbon fiber body) is something completely new and unmatched in production cars. To make this wonder come alive, Lamborghini allied with the VW brand, and even funded a special research program at the University of Washington in Seattle to develop the technology needed for carbon fiber. The aerodynamics were made, tested and featured by none other than Boeing, as partner with Lamborghini Laboratories.

This year the Sesto Elemento production will be limited to 10 units. I don’t even want to find out the price. What ever it is, it’s worth it.

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