New NHTSA study says hybrids have higher crash rates with pedestrians and cyclists |

The hybrid vehicle scene has been host to quite a heated debate over whether or not the cars would be outfitted with sound systems so that they will let others know about their presence. Several cases of pedestrians or cyclists not hearing hybrids have been invoked, but no concrete studies were made.

That is, until now, as the Nation Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has revealed a new one, which has indeed found that hybrids are more frequently involved in accidents with pedestrians and bicyclists. According to the data, 77 of 8,387 hybrid vehicles (0.9 %) have bene involved in accidents with pedestrians while 48 (0.6%) in ones with bicyclists.

As a comparison, 3,578 of 559,703 normal vehicles (0.6%) were involved in pedestrian accidents, while 1,862 (0.3%) with cyclists.

While additional research is needed, as NHTSA revealed, this study should offer an insight into what strategies should hybrid carmakers adopt in the future. Until then, pedestrians and cyclists should make a run for it they see any hybrids approaching (just kidding).

Source: Autoblog

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