New rumors on Mugen-tuned Honda CR-Z Type R –

When Honda announced the CR-Z hybrid sports coupe, I’m sure most of you, including us, were expecting something a bit more aggressive in terms of power than the current setup of a 102 HP 1.5-liter four-cylinder engine coupled with a 20 HP electric motor.

But even though the stock model might not have blown our minds, many hardcore Honda and hybrid fans are beginning to ponder if the Japanese company will reveal a Type R performance model, or, better yet, if its traditional tuning partner, Mugen, will thoroughly give the CR-Z a power make over.

Although nothing is confirmed, the guys at AutoExpress have come forward with a few interesting rumors and speculations on the future performance CR-Z hybrid. According to them, the engine’s output will be taken to a more respectable 150 HP, but seeing as how the hybrid setup can’t be taken out of the body, the electric motor will also receive an upgrade, taking it to around 50 HP.

Other handling upgrades, like a revamped suspension, better brakes and aerodynamic accessories will also be added to the 200 HP hybrid coupe. A new Sport Plus driving mode, which will modify things like throttle response, steering and how the electric motor helps the engine, will also be added, to increase driver pleasure.

It’s quite likely that at least a Honda CR-Z Type R will appear in the future. Whether or not it will have these power figures is still unknown though. What do you think? Would 200 HP of hybrid power get you interested in the three-door hatch?

Source: AutoExpress

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