New statements indicate that prior customer warned Lexus dealer of killer floor mat before accident |

After one horrible accident and the biggest recall in Toyota’s history, a new statement has surfaced from a customer which drove the Lexus ES350 before San Diego police officer Mark Saylor took his family in it, and also experienced unintended acceleration after the floor mat stuck the throttle pedal in a fully open state.

It seems that before Saylor used the ES350, one Frank Bernard also drove the same model, and was very close to a similar accident. While driving, the man took his foot off the gas, but the car continue to accelerate, reaching 85 mph. He slammed the brakes, and with great effort managed to put the car in neutral, but the engine was still being revved like crazy, according to his statement. He tried to turn off the engine, but to no result, and while he investigated the pedal, he found that it was stuck behind the floor mat. After pulling it back to its position, everything came back to normal.

But what’s more disturbing is that he revealed that he told the representative of the dealership about the problem, and no one took any action. The receptionist first said that she didn’t recall that event, but soon changed her story and said that she informed a mechanic. The same mechanic stated that the problem wasn’t brought to his attention.

In case you haven’t been following the whole killer floor mats in certain Toyota and Lexus models debate, here’s the low-down. At the end of summer, police officer Mark Saylor took a Lexus ES350 from a dealership in his native San Diego in order to drive his family to a local event. During the drive, the floor mat of the accelerator pedal got stuck behind the floor mat and even though he slammed on the brakes and did anything he could do, it resulted in a horrible crash.

After that, the NHTSA quickly realized that this might be a massive problem, and prompted Toyota to recall almost 3.8 million vehicles from its lineup and the Lexus one to dealerships so that a solution would be implemented to prevent any accidents.

After these new statements it seems that Saylor’s family won’t be finding peace, and will question whether or not the dealership knew about the problem but didn’t take any action to prevent the faulty car, which saw its brakes take a heavy strain, be offered to customers.

Source: San Diego Union Tribune via Autoblog

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