New Toyota Prius incident: car smashes into wall after stuck accelerator |

It seem driving a Toyota Prius is slowly becoming an extreme sport. After the recall regarding its faulty brakes, which didn’t work at low speeds, new reports of unintended acceleration are appearing left and right.

A couple of day ago we reported on the story of a runaway Prius on a San Diego highway, which stopped only after the police intervened and instructed the driver thoroughly through the procedures.

Now a new incident, from New York, takes the spotlight. A 56-year-old woman got her car out of the driveway from her home, and while the Prius was facing forward, the accelerator got stuck and smashed into a stone wall across the street, sending pieces flying “a considerable distance”. The floor mat isn’t to blame, according to police, which said that it was tied to the base of the driver seat with plastic ties, in order to prevent interaction between it and the gas pedal.

The car was impounded by police and experts will analyze it before revealing the cause of the incident. The woman wasn’t severely injured, but the trust of many people in Prius models received a big blow.

As you may remember, the second generation Prius is affected only by the floor mat recall, and according to Toyota, its gas pedals should work just fine. It seems though that wasn’t the case here.

Source: Detroit Free Press

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