New York 08: Scion Hako Concept |

After we’ve seen the Porsche Traveller design study and now the Scion Hako Concept, we’re beginning to ask ourselves if the designers aren’t in some kind of designers strike (after the writer’s guild model). Because these concepts have some faces only their mothers would love.

The Scion Hako was inspired by the Scion xB and it’s a bizzare mixture of cubic and curvy. Plus, it seems that the designers never heard the “aerodynamics” term, because the concept is probably as aerodynamic as a brick. Not to mention this hilarious part from the press release: “the silhouette is accentuated by slim, race-car-inspired side mirrors”. Yeah, right!

There are no drivetrain specs, because, fortunately, the Scion Hako Concept is only a design study and we don’t want to be mean, but we hope we’ll never see it on the street.

See more photos after the jump.

Photo Gallery: Scion Hako Concept

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