Next Ford Focus RS to combine EcoBoost with electric motor in an all-wheel drive system –

After hearing last week about a hotter version of the future 2012 Ford Focus, the ST that will reportedly appear at the Paris Motor Show, new rumors have been revealed about the future Ford Focus RS hot hatch.

According to Autocar, the Blue Oval’s global performance division is looking into several technologies to power the next generation Focus RS.

Among them, it seems that the team will combine an upgraded version of the new EcoBoost 2.0-liter turbocharged and direct injected inline-four cylinder engine, located on and powering the front wheels, with an electric motor, sitting in the back and powering the rear wheels.

This setup would allow for a better handling, as the increased amount of power won’t be fed just to the front wheels, like in the current Focus RS. Also, depending on the capacity of the motor and the size of the batteries powering it, short burst of all-electric drive may be possible.

If the plan goes through, the next generation Ford Focus RS would definitely one-up the existing hot hatch, and will attract both the regular European customers, but also American fans that want both performance and increased efficiency.

Source: Autocar

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