Next generation BMW 3 Series gets Gran Turismo model, no M3 sedan |

BMW is busy hyping up the new 5 Series sedan these days, but the guys at Automobile have got their hands on some juicy rumors about the next generation 3 Series model.

It seems that the car (codenamed F30), which will debut in sedan form around 2012, will receive a multitude of body styles, including the aforementioned four-door, a touring wagon one, coupe, convertible and *shocker* Gran Turismo. The next generation will continue the tradition of downsizing the design, and essentially be a smaller 5 Series (while the 5 is a smaller 7 Series).

Moving to the 3 GT, it seems it will adopt a single piece hatchback, instead of the two-piece 5 GT, and focus on attracting the younger crowd with a penchant for hauling more cargo. Most probably it will cater to the wagon needs of the North American customers, who won’t be seeing a Touring edition (similar to the new 5 Series offering).

The coupe and convertible variants will have a more elegant design, while the latter will employ a folding hardtop system, as it is extremely popular in certain territories. Also, if demand increases enough, the M division might attempt a speedster variant, with a chopped windshield and folding cloth top.

Speaking of the M department, it seems that the M3 will be arriving only in coupe and convertible formats, with the sedan being chopped from the plans (boo!). Also, the 420 HP V8 engine will likely be replaced by a twin-turbo straight-six, which might develop around 450 HP.

Do bear in mind that these are just rumors and speculations, but considering BMW’s plan up until now, many of these things will come true sooner or later.

Source: Automobile

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