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Even though Ford is currently putting all of its marketing efforts into the new Fiesta, it doesn’t mean that it is ignoring the bigger Focus model, and revealed that it is hard at work implementing new technologies into the hatchback model.

Gunnar Herrmann, the man responsible for the C-segment batch of models from the American company has revealed a few interesting details about the next generation focus, and about the direction that the auto industry is following in terms of technology.

Based on the EUCD platform which is currently used by the Mondeo or S-Max models, the new Focus will benefit largely from it, as advanced electronic systems are easily fitted on it. The new model will also see newer, lighter and stronger steels, like hot-formed and boron types, being used, which guarantee durability but don’t impact the price.

In terms of technology, you can expect a stop-start system to appear, which according to Hermann will become standard in the industry soon enough, but also engines ranging from the ones we see today, to smaller two- or three-cylinder units, which will be turbocharged, and helped by an electric motor when accelerating.

Continuing, Hermann said that you won’t see many manual gearboxes in future generations, as more efficient dual-clutch ones are set to replace them fully by 2020. New technologies like driver-adjustable adaptive dampers, lane departure warning systems and even a traffic sign recognition one will also become standard in the future, and the Focus will play a heavy part in that.

Overall, these tastes of the new Focus are very interesting, and might really wet the appetite of Ford fans. What do you believe about the Hermann’s assumptions? Will dual-clutch gearboxes prevail over manual ones? Leave a comment below.

Source: Autocar
Pic Source: James Laurence Stewart’s Flickr

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