Next generation Nissan GT-R R36 to go hybrid, will offer 600 HP |

Yes Nissan fast, the title is correct. According to Best Car magazine from Japan, the company will reveal the next generation of the GT-R model, the R36 one, to be a fully-hybrid performance car.

Enthusiasts will see the new 440 HP gasoline engine, weaker by 40 HP than the current engine found on the R35 model, mated to an electric motor capable of delivering 160 HP. The result? A combined figure of 600 HP which will take on higher priced sportscars, and with the handling testimony of the current generation, will certainly give them a run for their money.

Would you approve such a thing or believe that Nissan should keep the GT-R a normal sportscar? Share your thoughts while we await an official confirmation.

Source: Best Car via 4WheelsNews

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