Next generation Porsche Cayenne to debut in Geneva next year |

After heavily promoting the new Porsche Panamera sedan, it seems that the German company is preparing another surprise for its other rather unusual model, the Cayenne SUV, which will see the debut of a brand new generation at the Geneva Motor Show, which will be held in March, 2010.

Sources close to the company are revealing that the factory where the Cayenne is being manufactured will end their production in December, and begin a process of retrofitting the equipment and teaching the workers. It seems that the next generation of the performance SUV will be based on a completely new platform, set to be shared with models like the Volkswagen Touareg or Audi Q7, and will see the total weight of the car drop by about 300 kg (661 pounds).

Also hot in the rumor stage is the fact that Porsche engineers will improve the on-road handling, as most Cayenne owners don’t even think about taking their beloved SUV off the tarmac. It is also expected that the company will launch a hybrid version later in the lifecycle of the new generation.

While it seemed a blasphemy at first, the Cayenne is still a pretty interesting car. Hopefully the new generation will improve on the old one and perhaps rival other SUV brands like Land Rover.

Source: (in Italian) via Automarket

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