NHTSA investigating cosmic rays in Toyota unintended acceleration problems | Rpmgo.com

After analyzing almost all of the electronics in Toyota vehicles, the NHTSA is now looking towards a more “interesting” explanation for the unintended acceleration incidents which plagued vehicles from the Japanese company: Cosmic Rays.

Before you burst out into laughter though, it seems that cosmic rays pose a pretty big problem for electronic systems, as airplanes and rockets have specially-shielded equipment, due to the various types of radiation coming from outside the Earth and frolicking in the atmosphere.

That’s why it seems that the NHTSA received an anonymous tip explaining that such rays could have made it to the surface of the Earth and might interfere with the electronics from Toyota vehicles.

The company replied to the accusations and said that the systems used in cars are different from normal ones, meaning cosmic rays can’t interfere with them. The only way to confirm these hypotheses is to literally throw a Toyota into a particle accelerator and see how it performs.

Either way, this report does present a rather unique take on the whole unintended acceleration scandal. Who knows, maybe next week the NHTSA will investigate voodoo and other supernatural things.

Source: Detroit Free Press

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