Nissan begins taking reservations for Leaf EV |

Nissan is continuing the push for what it thinks will be the biggest money maker in its history, the Leaf electric vehicle.

A new step has now been made, as the Japanese company announced it will begin taking reservations for those who registered on its website today, while general public reservations will begin in May. After customizing their own Leaf, those who want to reserve one will need to pay a fully-refundable $99 and then point out their preferred Nissan dealer.

Actual pre-orders for the electric vehicle will begin August, in case you really want to drop some major cash for your future Nissan Leaf. Speaking of cash, the Japanese model will have MSRP price of $32,780, but with various tax rebates across the USA, it might go down as much as $25,280 or even lower, depending on the state you live in.

The Leaf is going to hit preferred territories this December, and will be marketed across the USA at the beginning of 2011. We’re still have some mixed feelings about the tiny EV though. What do you think? Will you be dropping pennies for the Nissan Leaf?

Source: Nissan via Autoblog