Nissan GT-R and GT-R SpecV get facelifted, various mechanical upgrades –

Nissan has just announced that its flagship model, the GT-R has just received another facelift in terms of both looks and mechanics. Set to be released in the spring of 2010 all around the world, the car will be a 2011 model year.

The main enhancements have been made to the navigation system, the suspension and the introduction of a new and improved catalyst. First of all, the navigation has been upgraded to an HDD-based Carwings one, which boasts not only improved functions but also an USB port with connectivity for your iPod or other music player.

The suspension system has been retuned, according to Nissan, in order to provide both a premium handling but also one suitable for the power that the GT-R has. These tweaks include the increased accuracy of the front shock absorbers and the springs, not to mention stiffening the rear suspension radius rod in order to get that power down to the road through all of the four tires.

The normal GT-R will also see the introduction of a new rear diffuser with cooling ducts, featured up until now only on the GT-R SpecV model. Talking about the top of the range car, the facelift for it includes both revamped shock absorber settings, which will give a better response to the driver, but also the addition of standard Dunlop performance tires, and the former stock Bridgestone ones can be installed as an option

Last but not least, both models have received a new set of catalyst cells which are hexagonally meshed, which will reduce ventilantion and air flow resistance, thus resulting a better response from the 3.8-liter twin turbo V6 engine in the low and mid range

Overall, some interesting additions which are bound to make many Nissan fans who postponed buying a GT-R really think about it.

Source: CarScoop

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