Nissan inflates GT-R power for press test cars? |

CarandDriver has a really interesting article about the Nissan GT-R. According to them, they had the opportunity to test five GT-R versions. The first one was really impressive, blasting the Corvette. Howvere, the next two were not that fast as the first one, even considering the track and the weather changes. The last two however were the same as the first one, really fast. Surprised by these changes, they took the last two cars on a chassis dyno and measured its “wheel horspepower”, which is usually smaller than engine horsepower (15 percent for rear-wheel-drive with manual transmissions and almost 20 percent for four-wheel-drive).

The results? Well, the GT-R recorded 420 hp, which, if we count the power loss, we get an engine horsepower of around 520 hp. Wow! That’s something, considering that the production GT-R develops 480 hp. When called, Nissan said that the first four cars CarandDriver tested were early-build versions that received regular engine-computer software updates, which may account for the varied results we recorded. Of course, these are only approximate numbers and speculations, however it really raises a serious question mark over the Nissan GT-R’s performance.

Source: Car and Driver

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