Nissan not happy with Olympic committee decission, says its electric cars would've been better |

We’ve reported yesterday that BMW was chosen by the London Organizing Committee of the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games (LOCOG) in order to supply vehicles for officials, teams and athletes. But while the London and German officials were quite happy, the guys over at Renault-Nissan weren’t exactly pleased.

The French-Japanese corporation has issued a statement in which it revealed that the electric vehicles from Nissan would’ve been a much better choice, seeing as how out of the 4,000 vehicles supplied by BMW, only a handful will be electric models.

“As part of our proposition, more than half of the vehicles we were going to supply would have been Leafs,” a spokesman for Nissan revealed. “Through LOCOGs decision, London has missed out on a significant opportunity to build confidence in electric vehicles in the UK. We have the vehicle and we had the chance to do something with it in the UK.”

The Nissan executive also says that it would’ve been a great publicity options for electric vehicles if they were a part of the Olympic Games in 2012.

Although I understand Nissan’s point, it does seem like the company is just screaming “sour grapes”. I’m sure electric vehicles will handle themselves quite well in the following years, as infrastructure grows to support them.

Source: Autocar

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