Nissan to offer $400 navigation system on its popular models |

In recent years one new option has been demanded by new car buyers: the navigation system. But sadly the steep price has deterred many from opting to install one in their new cars, and instead sticking to asking for directions of buying maps.

But Nissan plans to change all of this, and announced that its most popular 2010 models will have a navigation system option costing just $400, much lower than the average price of such systems, which is around $1,000 and can go even higher.

Don’t go thinking that this will be a spartan system either, as it has been developed with Bosch, and besides giving directions, indicating the fastest or most economical routes, will also have USB and Aux inputs, and even Bluetooth connectivity for your phone. Last but not least, a backup camera in the rear is also included in the package, options which on many cars costs $1,000 alone.

The only downside though is that the LCD screen measures only five inches, rendering some text a bit hard to rear. But according to the team at Detroit News, which tested the system on the 2010 Nissan Sentra, it is reliable and for $400, a bargain.

Hopefully this trend started by Nissan will pick up and more automakers will lower their prices on navigation systems.

Source: Detroit News via Autoblog

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