Nissan to produce more Quashqai/Dualis in Japan –

Because the Nissan Quashqai had such a success in Europe, with almost 60,000 units sold since the February launch, the Japanese producer decided to increase the production capacity at the Nissan Kyushu plant in Japan. This decision was made to meet the increasing local demand (the Quashqai is named Dualis in Japan) and to free up capacity at the Nissan plant in Sunderland.

Launched in Japan in May 2007, the Quashqai/Dualis was sold in 9,466 units. With production at the Kyushu plant scheduled to start in early 2008, Nissan expects to sell 24,000 units. This decision comes after Nissan’s announcement in June, that £2.4 million ($5 million) were invested into the Sunderland plant to increase Qashqai production, so we can definitely say that the Quashqai was a big success for Nissan.

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