Nissan wants to small a cheap car in the vein of the Tata Nano –

It seems that one of the newest trends in the automotive industry is the introduction of small cheap cars, targeted at nations which are still in development, with the prime example being the Tata Nano, coming from India.

The popularity that the tiny model is enjoying has now sparked the interest of many other big carmakers, one of them being Nissan, which reportedly is preparing to launch its own small vehicle platform, dubbed V (think Versatile). This new car, which is in development for quite some time, will use fewer parts than current compact Nissan models, and will target countries like Thailand, India or China, at the middle of 2010.

Nissan also has high hopes for the small model, hoping to sell over one million vehicles per year as early as 2013. This also means that it will launch the V in other territories besides the Asian countries, like Europe or the US, around 2011.

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Source: Autoblog

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