No cash for an Aston Martin? Get an Opel Calibra-based replica from Thailand |

Tuners go to many extremes in order to modify various cars, but sometimes they take it one step higher, and end up recreating other cars (usually very expensive ones), based on more affordable models.

Such was the case with this presumed tuning project from Thailand, where a group of budding engineers transformed an Opel Calibra coupe into an Aston Martin, a DBS or DB9 from what it seems, presumably to run around like James Bond in the Asian country.

While no other details are known, it’s still a pretty interesting project, and if you didn’t have a trained eye, you might even believe it’s the real UK-built deal. What do you think? Would we see James Bond in such a car? Leave a comment below.

Source: Top Speed via CarScoop

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