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German tuner Zwickenpflug (Jesus, remember this name if you can!) decided that the BMW M3 is not exclusive enough, so they came up with this, the BMW M3 Leather Edition. Basically, what they did was take out all the M3 standard interior and replace it with a more luxurious leather interior, with Alcantara leather inserts on the door panels, steering… …read the full post

When you first look at this picture, you might believe it was taken on the set of a new Taxi movie, with producers deciding to replace the Peugeot with a Ferrari Enzo. But that would be completely wrong, because the photo was taken in Muscat, Oman (Middle East). That’s the part of the world where money’s not an issue. But of course, that… …read the full post

With the facelift for the new BMW 3 Series, it was just a matter of time before tuning companies started presenting tuning programs for the car, and it seems that the Germans from AC Schnitzer are among the first. The upgrade is available for both sedan and Touring versions and it includes a body kit with new front spoiler elements, new contours of… …read the full post

If you’re lucky enough to own a Bentley (doesn’t really matter what model), we’ve got some more good news for you. The British carmaker is preparing a special event, called “Power on ice”, which will take place in Finland, in February and March next year. So, what’s this? It’s an event where you’ll get… …read the full post

It’s been only a few days since the highly expected Panamera was officially announced and already there’s a lot of controversy around Porsche’s four-door coupe, some like it, while for other it’s a big disspointment. For the moment, we’re not very sure about our feelings for the car, we’re going to wait until we… …read the full post

After the five-door sedan was unveiled in L.A., the Japanese carmaker recently announced that the five-door hatchback version of the new Mazda3 will make its world debut on December 3, during the Bologna Motor Show in Italy. The new hatchback has the same styling and mechanic characteristics of its sedan brother, while the engine range was specially… …read the full post

We’re convinced the new Volkswagen Scirocco will be a success and it looks like the German company is currently working on a more powerful version of the car, to please those wanting more power, not just good looks. The model will most likely weat the “R20T” name tag, coming from the 2.0 liter turbo engine which will power the car,… …read the full post

The Audi A5/S5, one of the best looking cars ever and one of our favorite cars, keeps getting better. After some time ago the Ingolstadt company announced that the S5 will get a new 3.0 liter supercharged engine that will deliver 333 hp (half evil?), a couple of days ago they said that all S5 models that will be built starting with December will get… …read the full post

Usain Bolt, the 22 years old Jamaican who blew the 100 metres world record (running the distance in 9,69 seconds) at this summer’s Beijing Olympic Games, had the chance to do a special test drive of the 420 hp BMW M3, at the BMW Vehicle Test Facility in Aschheim near Munich. He described the experience as being “fascinating” and we… …read the full post

Well, it looks like the new Ford Ka is off to an awful start. As you can see from the image, a truck carrying about a dozen cars (at least that’s how many we counted) burst into flames yesterday afternoon, on a road in Poland, near the Tychy plant, where the little fellow from Ford is built, alongside another small car, the Fiat 500. The cause… …read the full post

Things start to look really bad for the upcoming Detroit Motor Show. After last week Ferrari, Land Rover, Rolls-Royce, Suzuki and then Mitsubishi announced they won’t bring any cars to the show, today Nissan and Inifiniti also announced their decision to pull out of the motor show. The Japanese carmaker said that they’ve unveiled the 370Z… …read the full post

Selling your car can sometimes be a stressful, time-consuming chore, and at times like this selling on your car can be even more challenging. But with these 10 killer tips, you can be better prepared, making a quick smooth sale, and not regretting it later. 1. Be realistic with your pricing: You’ve got to price your car realistically in the first… …read the full post

At the Detroit Motor Show, next January, Volvo will unveiled the S60 Concept, a car which previews the next generation S60, which is scheduled to debut in 2010. After about month ago they released a teaser photo showing the car’s unique Orrefors crystal interior, today we have the first photo of the car’s coupe-like exterior styling. “The… …read the full post

Probably one of the most spied cars in history, the Porsche Panamera has been officially introduced today. After this weekend a set of official photos were leaked on the web, today Porsche released the first officials details on its upcoming four-doors coupe. Basically, with the Panamera, Porsche joins a new market, still at its beginning, where it… …read the full post

Confirmed back in August, today Porsche has officially announced that the Cayenne diesel got a green light and it will be available starting with February 2009. This comes as a response to market demands and to the changing regulations, especially in Europe, which will be the main market for the model. The diesel Cayenne will be powered by a 3.0 liter… …read the full post