NYPD confirms NHTSA and Toyota findings, runaway Prius was caused by driver error | Rpmgo.com

We revealed to you at the beginning of the week that NHTSA and Toyota investigations into the New York runaway Toyota Prius incident both point to driver error as being the cause of the crash.

For those who don’t remember, a day after the runaway San Diego Prius, a New York woman was involved in an accident while trying to leave her driveway in a 2005 Prius. The hybrid model suddenly accelerated and crashed into a nearby wall.

The results of the findings annoyed NYPD officials, who said that the investigation was still in progress. That inquiry is now over, and it seems that the police officials have arrived at the same conclusion: there was no evidence that brakes were applied before the crash, so it was just driver error.

This is another win for Toyota, who received some heavy blows after recent unintended acceleration complaints and incidents. As you may remember, the San Diego report from both the NHTSA and the internal team of the Japanese carmaker pointed out that the statement of the driver, James Sikes, wasn’t accurate, and he didn’t really try to stop the runaway model.

The war is still far from over though, as Toyota still has enough problems already, with a recent lawsuit from shareholders being the newest addition.

Source: Washington Post via Autoblog

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