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Posted on Oct 1st, 2009 by Andrey

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When you talk about off road cars, one name immediately comes to mind: Land Rover. The UK automaker has specialized in this variety of cars, and even though it is keeping up with the times thanks to the Range Rover Sport and the LR4, one of its most trusted models is still the Land Rover Defender, based on the famous first 1948 model.

But it seems that due to stricter fuel economy costs and the fact that its systems are a bit old, Land Rover has started Project Icon, a new modern take on the Defender which will deliver a production-ready vehicle by 2012.

Using the same platforms as the Range Rover Sport and LR4, namely the T5 steel one, the new Defender will be a state of the art off road vehicle which will be very efficient and sport some of the newest technology to make going off the beaten path a breeze for any driver. Thanks to the easily modifiable platform, it seems that Land Rover plans to launch quite a few bodystyles, including a normal one but also a soft top version and even a pickup.

The new model is expected to be launched in Europe with a 2.7-liter diesel engine, which will be standard, and will also make an appearance in North America, with the Jaguar-developed 5.-liter V8 engine as normal issue.

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