Only 1,000 Audi e-Tron models to be made, all priced above R8's level

It’s clear that with electric cars becoming more and more popular, performance models would receive an even higher dose of attention from the media and the regular customers. One of the most important models is Audi‘s future e-Tron electric sportscar, which is set to go on sale, under one name or another, in 2012.

But don’t go thinking that the Ingolstadt manufacturer will produce the model indefinitely, as a new statement from Audi’s head of exterior design, Achimb Badstubner, reveals that only 1,000 cars will be made, spread across the 5,000 dealers the company has all around the world.

He added that the model will be priced above the R8 supercar, but that many people will still purchase it because they want to experience the technology first hand and to make a statement in terms of style and clean living.

In case you want to be among the thousand customers, you’d better hurry and have your wallet at the stand-by.

Source: Autocar

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