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Opel’s managing director, Hans Demant, has revealed that the future Opel Ampera hybrid car, which was unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show earlier this year, might see its price start from around €28,000 or about 24,500 pounds sterling, when it will be ready to go on sale in 2012.

The hybrid model, which has been called the European Chevrolet Volt, as it uses the same technology and largely the same parts, thanks to the fact that Opel is, or at least was, under GM’s wing, will be cheaper than the fully specked Zafira model, making it a pretty good buy for any family.

It also seems, at least according to vehicle line executive for the Ampera, Frank Weber, that it will prove that “a practical, electric four-seater, with cargo space” can be used as the first car in any household. This is largely due to the Voltec technology which will be able power the car for up to 60 km before the regular internal combustion engine can kick in to recharge it. Also, the fact that it will be a plug-in hybrid means that it can be charged almost anywhere by using a regular electric socket.

With such a price and the promise of being great for the whole family anywhere, not just in the city, the Ampera is looking pretty good. Until 2012 though, we can’t say for sure which eco-trend might win the day in terms of cars.

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