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Cars are very important for most of us nowadays because we are used to driving them and sometimes they actually make our life much easier from a certain point of view. Certainly, there are also situations in which we are not very happy with the car that we might be driving but there are numerous other situations in which we are actually glad that we have and drive that model of car.

Nowadays there are also numerous persons interested in changing their old cars with new ones which might be considered as better ones to be driven by presenting better features and specifications which are said to improve their quality. Certainly, various types and models of cars are more or less good for various persons and we are all different, we need cars for different purposes sometimes and we perceive quality in different ways as well sometimes and in this way what might be perfect for someone might not be considered perfect at all for someone else.

There are all sorts of companies which have manufactured and presented all sorts of cars in time which have been more or less appreciated by various persons having analyzed them. Opel cars have also been considered by numerous persons who have been interested in learning more about their features as they are the ones which influence their performance and which can enable these users to decide upon their quality and upon their usefulness in many possible cases in which they might be chosen for use.

There are numerous Opel models of cars available to be analyzed nowadays by everyone interested in them or simply in becoming familiar with as many models of cars and their specifications as possible for their own general knowledge. One such model of Opel cars is Opel Astra GTC 2.0 Turbo Panoramic which was presented to the public in 2009. It has been included within the category of mid-size family type of cars and at least some of its features have been considered as interesting to be taken into account by those interested in driving this type of cars.

Some of the important specifications presented by this model of Opel cars which might be useful to be made aware to those interested in learning more about this it are the size of its engine which is of 1998 ccm, its fuel type which is gasoline, the fact that it presents a four wheel type of drive and a 6 speed manual type of transmission.
The engine is a four cylinder inline type and the compression presented by it is one of 8:8:1. Its fuel system is an electronic fuel injection one and its top speed is one of 234 km/h. Its power weight ratio has been evaluated at 0.1232PS/kg. The type of the chassis is saloon and the passenger space has been considered one of 4760 litters.

Other important features to be presented regarding this model of Opel cars are its steering which is power assisted type, its turn circle evaluated at 11 m and the brake details presented by it which are the following ones: an anti-locking brake type of system and an electronic brake type of system. Certainly, these are some of the numerous features which could be considered when analyzing this model of Opel cars together with other ones and all of them are the ones which influence the performance of these cars and the appropriateness of their use in various situations in which they might be intended to be used.

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