Opel might be launched in markets like China, Australia or South America – rpmGo.com

New reports coming from Germany seem to indicate that General Motors might have some large expansion plans for its European brand Opel.

More specifically, it seems that the US corporation wants the Opel brand to be present in other markets except Europe, like the China, Australia or South America.

Traditionally, Opel models are usually rebadged before entering such markets, bearing Buick, Holden or even Chevrolet logos instead of the Opel one.

This will change, as Opel will most likely be marketed as a more premium brand, in order to capitalize on customers who want European cars and can afford them, not just the locally-badged Opel models.

No official word has been revealed, but GM might be on the right track if it will decide Opel’s expansion, given the popularity of new models like the Insignia or the new generation Astra.

Source: Deutsche Welle via Autoblog

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