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Raising environmental awareness has become, over the past few years, a major concern for auto makers. Opel joined the club an started an interesting project, called Opel Project Earth, that aims to invest in the sustainability and conservation of the environment.

The project will develop throughout 2011 and it features a group of young people who will go on an amazing expedition to four of the most endangered regions of the world: the arctic, the Pacific, Brazil and Tanzania. As Opel says, the expedition will “visit local organizations working to protect endangered habitats, and assist the scientists in their activities“. Everything will be documented on Facebook and I’m sure there will be a lot of stories to be told. They even got Buzz Aldrin to endorse their project.

Opel even organized the International Green Film Award, which was handed over at the Cinema For Peace Gala on February 14, 2011. Sean Penn, Boris Becker and Ornella Muti attended the event to show their support for the cause. The award went to Lorenz Knauer, who directed “Jane’s Journey”.

The entire project is built around the green direction of the car maker and it’s aimed at promoting the Opel Ampera and the Opel ecoFLEX range that are meant to give Opel a good start in this market.

Although I don’t believe that campaigns such as these will fundamentally change anything, they are good, at least for creating awareness and for taking us to see places of great beauty, although just virtually.

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