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Finally, some good news for GM. The new sedan from Opel won this year’s European Car of the Year award, but it was a close one, the Insignia beating the Ford Fiesta by only 1 point (321 points, comparing to Fiesta’s 320 points). Out of the seven finalists, the Insignia received 20 first place votes out of 59 compared to 19 received by the Fiesta. This is the first time an Opel car wins this award, but it has been runner-up four times, for example, in 2007, the new Corsa losing by just 2 points to the Ford S-Max. This year’s podium was completed by Volkswagen’s new Golf VI. And here are all the seven finalists and their scores:

1. Opel/ Vauxhall Insignia – 321 points 2. Ford Fiesta – 320 points 3. Volkswagen Golf VI – 223 points 4. Citroen C5 – 198 points 5. Alfa Romeo MiTo – 148 points 6. Skoda Superb – 144 points

7. Renault Megane – 121 points

Source: COTY

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