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Every time an auto show is about to begin, the weeks before are crazy, with a lot of arrangements needed to be done for the trip and for the show. Happily, we’re done and tomorrow morning we’ll be leaving for Germany, with the Frankfurt Motor Show as our destination. But we’re not just gonna go to the show and back, because this year… …read the full post

Hi, guys! How you’ve been? Missed us? I didn’t get the chance to tell you, but last Thursday it was my birthday (yes, I’m older and wiser now) so I took this opportunity and went on a small unscheduled vacation with a couple of friends (our cars too, of course). So after almost two weeks of fishing and barbeques in the mountains we’re… …read the full post

There are many calculations that are used in determining what someone’s insurance rate premium will be. What insurance companies usually do is take those key factors, plug them into their system, and see what rate category those variables put the person into. There are many ways you can save on car insurance premiums. Three of them, including your… …read the full post

As part of the restructuring process the ‘new GM’ is going through, the company has decided to get rid of its private jet fleet, including the hangar used to house them at the Detroit Metropolitan Area. The fleet includes two Gulfstream V jets leased from Suntrust Leasing Corp since 2001 and five Gulfstream G350 jets leased from AVN Air… …read the full post

The German tuner Hamann has released the first details and photos of their new tuning program for BMW’s flagship, the new 7 Series. The program includes an aerodynamic pack featuring new front skirt with integrated LED daytime running lights, new Hamann side skirts, rear shield insert optionally available for the 730d and the 740i, new roof spoiler… …read the full post

This year, during the Super Bowl, Audi aired a commercial for the new A6 where it mocked Mercedes, BMW and Lexus. Well, now it’s Ferrari’s turn to be Audi’s marketing target, with this commercial where we’re shown a red R8 V10 roaming the streets of Maranello, Ferrari’s hometown, making locals really angry. This commercial’s… …read the full post

The following guest post was written by our friends from LemonFree.com, the Automobile Search Engine. Taking a vacation can be costly. Even though we know that it is very important for our emotional health, it may seem that the stress induced by trying to micro-arrange it isn’t worth it. With the fluctuating world economy, airfares ride a perpetual… …read the full post

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The German tuner Carlsson has announced that this weekend, at the Tuning World Bodensee, they’ll unveil their tuning program for the new Mercedes Benz E Class. One of the highlights of this program is the new aerodynamics kit, developed by Carlsson’s head designer Rolf Schepp, which features a newly designed front apron, completely re-engineered… …read the full post

Being a car fan and with the movie smashing the box office this weekend ($72.5 million) I really wanted to see the new Fast and Furious. And the fact that the movie got back the two actors which made it famous, Vin Diesel and Paul Walker made me even more anxious to see it. Trying not to give any spoilers, I’m just gonna tell you that Dom (Diesel)… …read the full post

According to this video’s description on StreetFire, this guy broke the world record by holding back a Lamborghini for seven seconds. Actually, there were two Lambos because one broke down. I don’t know why, but I don’t really believe this is for real. Anyway, if it is, congrats to the dude, he did a great job. Enjoy! Man Holds Lamborghini … …read the full post

Honda has released a few teaser photos of the upcoming Acura ZDX luxury four-door sport coupe which will make its debut on Aprol 8 at the New York International Auto Show. Though there aren’t many details available, it looks like the ZDX, which will hit showrooms this fall, will be a BMW X6 competitor, which will be pretty interesting, because… …read the full post

Aren’t people always acting like a herd? Last year, when gas price were up through the roof, Smart dealerships registered a very high demand for the small German car. Now, when gas price are back to a more normal level, everyone is dumping their new Smart. According to an article from USA Today, Smart dealers are facing with increasing unsold… …read the full post

In a press release made public today, Fisker Automotive has announced the first group of US retailers to market and service the Fisker Karma luxury plug-in hybrid sedan. This is the first step from Fisker’s plan to have, by the end of June 2009, 40 location across the country to sell the sedan that will go on sale later this year with a starting… …read the full post

The Korean car maker released a teaser picture of the upcoming Ssangyong C200 Aero Concept which will make its debut in April, at the Seoul Motor Show. Based on the C200 Concept which made its debut last year at the Paris Motor Show, the Aero is a more aggressive model which features several new styling elements like a new front fascia, larger alloy… …read the full post