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Barack Obama is the democratic presidential candidate and he reminded that the entire world is passing through a big economic crisis. This crisis comprised the automotive industry too. Obama supports the General Motors’ strategy and this is an interesting situation if we consider the fact that the man who has the best chances of becoming the next… …read the full post

Bob Weir is founding member of the Grateful Dead, a band that helped a lot the Hippie movement. But despite his age, he bought a 2007 Lexus GS 450h. He is anxious about new technology when it comes to transportation choices. It seems a paradox for a commonplace man, but not for him. He isn’t such a person! It took a year to get used to the automatic,… …read the full post

Ian Hill is founding member and bassist for pioneering heavy-metal band Judas Priest. He drives a 2004 Mercedes ML 500. But he has a problem. He would prefer to own more cars made by a British-owned company. In the Midlands region was once the heart of the British motor industry. I think Ian is a sentimentalist, a gloomy man. He said that Austin was… …read the full post

Lundberg Survey Petroleum is a marketing and research company. This corporation regularly monitors retail gas prices. And the results says that we have a problem. A big problem! Will driving become a beautiful dream? We hope that we’ll find a solution to win this fight. In the same time, it’s a great business opportunity. And do you know why?… …read the full post

Ayrton Senna was the Formula 1’ s God. What a great champion! What a talented man! Nowadays we hear speeches about leadership. A lot of speeches! But Ayrton was the real lider. He died in 1994, in Italy. The people wanted and still want at least a follower, somebody that can continue to inspire the others. Lewis Hamilton had the extraordinary honor… …read the full post

Ron Harbour, a partner with the Oliver Wyman Group and author of a widely respected annual report on auto factory productivity believes that Honda are better positioned than anybody in terms of the products. The No.2 Japanese automaker had 1 percent sales increase in June. It isn’t a great increase? I agree with that. But, just remember the fact… …read the full post

Robert Kyiosaki announced a big economic slump. Well, the U.S. auto sales slump hit Chrysler LLC again Monday with his amplitude. It isn’t a joke anymore! Chrysler’s officials announced plans to close one St. Louis-area factory and cut a shift from another. Woau! Do you believe this managers? I do. And do you know why? Because of declining demand… …read the full post