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Last week we reported on the teaser website Italian supercar manufacturer Pagani launched for yet another one-off Zonda model.

The Pagani Zonda HH was detailed a bit, promising to blend equal parts Zonda F with the Cinque, as well as borrow some elements from the beast which is the Zonda R.

Now, the car has finally been pictured, and as you can see, it is a convertible. Besides the fact hat it has a chopped roof, no other details were revealed. Still, expect the same carbon titanium chassis, with the massive AMG V12 in the back, capable of pumping out 680 HP, with exhaust going through a titanium assembly.

Until the car is officially delivered to its mysterious American owner though, we’re still in for a long wait.

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After hearing the rumor that the Pagani Zonda R broke the lap record at the famous Nurburgring Nordschleife circuit, we saw the video confirmation of the amazing feat at the beginning of the week.

Now, the company’s founder, Horacio Pagani, stars in a brand new video, showcasing how important the Zonda R model is for the Italian supercar manufacturer.

We also see Marc Basseng, the German driver who drove the extreme supercar the record breaking 6:47 run.

If you want to indulge in more footage with the stunning Pagani Zonda R, then hit the jump and check it out.

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Pagani is definitely becoming as popular as the other Italian supercar manufacturers like Ferrari or Lamborghini. As such, the company has been assaulted with orders for specific one-off models, all based on the current Zonda.

The latest one seems to be the Pagani Zonda HH, which is currently being teased on a new website.

According to the guys from the TeamSpeed forums, the model has been ordered by an American customer, and will boast the best of what Pagani can currently offer. It will combine elements from the Zonda F, with high performance components like a carbon-titanium tub, ceramic-coated titanium exhaust and carbon ceramic brakes, taken from the Zonda R.

All these new components are going to make the Zonda HH much lighter, tipping the scales at around 2,670 pounds (1,210 kg). The power will come from the same AMG V12 engine, capable of 680 HP. As opposed to the standard Zonda though, the engine will be mated with a six-speed manual gearbox, operated by a stick shift, according to the mysterious customer.

Not a lot is know as of yet, with just the teaser shots and the TeamSpeed info being available. Expect more details in the following months about this special Pagani Zonda HH one-off.


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A few weeks ago, we reported on a story that the stunning Pagani Zonda R had broken the last Nurburgring Nordschleife lap record, held by the equally breath taking Ferrari 599XX.

The ‘other’ Italian hypercar managed an impressive run of 6 minutes and 47 seconds, setting a new record for production models (even though the Zonda R isn’t exactly road-legal).

But no matter the technical details, the feat is extremely impressive.

In order to properly showcase the achievement, Pagani has finally released a video of the Nurburgring record-breaking run, so hit the jump and bask in the fastest lap of the Green Hell (for the moment, at least).

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The Nurburgring Nordschleife circuit is definitely one of the most iconic tracks today, seeing both many motorsport competitions, but being also the premiere testing ground for high performance models.

Given the prestige of the track, you can be sure that many carmakers want to boast their impressive lap times as a testament to their model’s worth.

A few months ago, we were absolutely amazed by the Ferrari 599XX’s impressive lap time of 6 minutes 58 seconds, which became the first production model to break the 7 minute barrier.

Now, it seems that the record was supposedly broken, by the stunning Pagani Zonda R. According to a report, the Italian supercar managed an even more impressive time of 6 minutes 47 seconds.

While it’s not official just yet, considering the immense power of the Zonda R, 740 HP and 524 lb-ft of torque, coupled with its track-ready systems and its weight of just 2,358 pounds, such a Nurburgring record wouldn’t be too surprising.

Source: PistonHeads via Autoblog

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Most car fans are absolutely in love with the glorious Pagani Zonda. The even more powerful, lightweight and track-only version, the Zonda R, made a lot more people fall for it.

Now, the company released a promotional video, showcasing the race car. Don’t go thinking thinking this is your regular advert, boasting fuel economy figures or handling, as it just shows what the Zonda R can do best: tear up the track.

Shot in wet conditions, with brilliant camera work and accompanied by an impressive orchestral score, this Pagani Zonda R video is the stuff dreams, not only car-related ones, are made of. Hit the jump and enjoy!

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