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Owning a supercar is pretty much an extreme sport, not just because of the massive power developed by these models, but also because a fire may erupt at any moment. After our previous Audi R8 fire stories, Ferrari once again takes the center stage. This time, a new Ferrari 458 Italia supercar caught fire on the streets of Paris. Luckily, the blaze… …read the full post

If the following weeks will take you to Paris, make sure you drop by Citroen’s C_42 showroom located on the famous Champs Elysees boulevard in the middle of the French capital, as the company has redesigned it in honor of its upcoming model, the DS3. The showroom, now a concept store, will showcase the many customization possibilities of the… …read the full post

As you may have found out yesterday through the teaser video we posted, Citroen is launching today the new generation of the C3, right in front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France. What’s more interesting is that the company has dedicated a special website to the occasion which allows visitors to choose one of ten viewing points and watch the… …read the full post

If the French are known for one thing, that’s style (and some rather awkward cheeses, but we’re a car blog, not a culinary one). Citroen proves this by releasing this teaser video which previews the launch of the new C3 model which will take place at the Eiffel Tower in Paris on October 22nd. You may know that I spent a weekend in Paris… …read the full post

If you read the last post about the first day, then you now know that after some running through the streets of France’s capital, Paris, we finally reached the meeting place for all of the Citroen enthusiasts, right in front of the Eiffel Tower. I was assigned into a beautiful BX, which was carefully taken care of by its Swiss owner.After an… …read the full post

Hey guys, I am finally here in the lovely Paris and I can say that I already had plenty of interesting adventures here. First thing’s first, it seems that the French really love to take things slowly, everything besides their talking rhythm that is, as before we headed to the start of the parade in which over 100 iconic Citroen models were to… …read the full post

Great news everyone, it seems that I will be going on behalf of RPMGO this weekend to Paris in order to celebrate Citroen’s 90th birthday. Among the activities the French car manufacturer will be hosting are a scenic parade of classic models from all of its rich history, from the 2CV to the DS and many other iconic vehicles which enjoyed the… …read the full post

The Renault Twingo is one funky little car and the French car maker is trying to make it more appealing to the ladies by launching an 800 units Art Collection limited edition which will go on sale in France on June 15. The edition is inspired from the world of fashion, featuring the inkjet technology, a technique frequently employed for textile printing… …read the full post

Here is a spy video of the upcoming Opel Vectra, caught during testing on the Nurburgring track in Germany. Presented last year at Paris, the Vectra will officially be presented at next year’s Geneva Motor Show.…read the full post  Read More →