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The video you are about to see was recorded in Taiwan where several car enthusiasts transformed a relatively small parking lot into a drifting venue. The cars are all pretty much drifting material, like a Nissan 350Z, a Nissan Skyline, Toyota Supra and a bunch of other cars that are known for their drifting capabilities. Enjoy the clip.

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Here’s something that you don’t see every day. The owner of the Cadillac in this video decided to help out a driver of a previous generation VW Polo in an underground parking. My guess is that the driver of the Polo was having a hard time using the manual gearbox and wasn’t able to get the car around the corner.

The consequence? You can see for yourself. She rolled back and hit that Cadillac. You would expect that the driver of the Caddy to be furious, but after the Polo driver explained what happened, the person behind the wheel of the Cadillac decided to push the lady  in order to drive the Polo up to safety.

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We all have seen lots of drivers parking their cars in a totally inappropriate way, covering two parking spaces instead of one or leaving too little space for other cars to park.

So, for you not to use any brutal and violent form to show your dissatisfaction or disagreement, has created a etiquette, like hotel Do Not Disturb-flyers, that you can leave on the door handle of the car that you consider to have violated the parking rules. Actually, it’s an angry and patronizing instruction manual of proper parking that can be bought on $9 for an eight-pack.

What do you think: does this method will actually solve the problem of violated parking rules or it’s just a no-effect and not so cheap passive-aggressive manifestation?

[Source: KindOfRude]

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You know what’s fun? A man trying to pull his car out of the parking lot for over 5 minutes and not succeeding, and a woman doing this in less than two minutes. A little embarrassing, I say, for men, of course!



Dear ladies, you’re invited to share your laughs and, gentlemen – to show your discontent!

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Ok, the title is a little exaggerated, but not that far from the truth. According to KWGN, the parking lot at the Denver International Airport is filled with rabbits who love to chew on cars’ wiring, which use a soy-based compound that rabbits find very tasty. The most recent case was Dexter Meyer’s who, after a nine day trip, came back home and couldn’t start his brand new VW Jetta in the DIA parking.

Apparently, the problem isn’t new, because five years ago FOX31 reported several similar cases with travelers not being able to start their cars after rabbits chewed on the wiring. Oh, and by the way, the rabbits are also pretty choosy, because this happens only to 2002 and newer models.

This makes you wonder…what the heck is going on with animals and cars recently? I mean, a few days ago turkeys attacked a Porsche, now rabbits are chewing on cars…is the world coming to an end?

Check out the news report video after the jump. (more…)

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