Parrot MK6100 Excelent Car Kit –

These days, Parrot announced the Parrot MK6100. This seems to be another cool model from the French manufacturer, after MK6000 (Parrot’s first A2DP Stereo Bluetooth kit) and the CK3100, their most popular and best-selling model.

The Parrot MK6100 features an OLED display and offers DSP (Digital Signal Processing) and features dual microphones (Parrot Beamforcing technology) for stronger performance. Once it is paired with your phone, the device automatically synchronizes the names from your phonebook and so you can dial one from it. In order to keep your eyes on the road, Text To Speech system will read the names of the contacts for you. In addition, voice dialing is also supported.

The two parts (display and music-control) are separate modules and the display is even detachable from its support, for security purposes when you leave the car. According to Parrot, the MK6100 will be available in the second quarter of the year.

Via Parrot.

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