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Any woman has the maternal instinct to protect her family and kids, family’s pets included, and keep them safe in any circumstances. And driving doesn’t make an exception.

This is why we have chosen to talk about dog-safety in the car. Here there are some rules that should secure your pet’s ride: – don’t and allow your dog to roam freely in cars, because it can distract you from driving. – use a good properly fitted harness and a seatbelt, in order to prevent your dog from getting hurt, hitting the windshield or being thrown outside of the car – don’t let your dog to stay in your lap while driving, because it can interfere with driving and, if an accident happen, it could suffocate or suffer injuries from a deployed airbag. – your pet can put your family at risk, so you should not leave your dog to walk free in the car or play with it while driving. – don’t let your dog to ride with its head out of the window, because it can get hurt on its eyes, nose, ears, mouth and face from airborne debris or if a collision occurs. – if you intent to take your dog for a car ride, don’t use open trucks, because they can jump or be thrown at high speed.

– don’t leave your dog in your car, especially when the weather turns warm.

What other rules do you think should be respected?

[Source: Edmunds, Photo]

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Oh my God, this Mini must be one of the most horrible things I’ve ever seen. And if you’re wondering, no, that’s not some custom paint job, that’s real cow skin. This thing, called, “Pet MINIâ€, will be presented at the in Zurich-Oerlicon’s upcoming New Spaces exhibition and it comes with a Le Corbusier Chaise Longue.

The idea behind this car, created by Mini Switzerland, was to create a work of art that would impress visitors, but I wonder what will the environmentalists will have to say about this. Good thing they didn’t put a hybrid engine on it and call it a ‘green’ car. View a photo gallery after the jump.

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