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Posted on Sep 24th, 2009 by Andrey

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The Internet is part of our daily lives and being away from a stable connection can cause many problems for a lot of people. Up until now, if you wanted to be connected when you were driving or driven by someone, you had to bring your own laptop, complete with a modem which enabled the connection to be established. This meant that only your computer had an Internet connection and other people in the car were unable to use it.

With the new Peugeot 5008 people carrier, this is only a part of the past, as the French automaker will add to the feature list a wireless router, through which everyone in the large car can connect to the Internet.

The router in question will work thanks to a modem in which a regular phone SIM card can be introduced with a data transfer plan. This modem will be plugged into a classic USB slot in the dashboard.

Overall, this is yet another step taken towards a non stop connection, no matter where we need to go. Perhaps other automakers will implement this technology in the future.

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