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Have £5000 in your pocket and are heading for a used car? Than you are one of the hundreds of thousands of buyers that head’s out on a market hunt. Here is a list of some of the coolest cars you can buy for £5000 even less. Let’s take a ride.

First of all we have the Lexus IS200 that is rated at just a little under £5,000. Although the new IS isn’t exactly a public attraction, the good old fashion predecessor stands it’s ground even now, after seven years after it’s launch. A fast purring inline 6 liter engine completed by a rear wheel drive, and the nifty delectable gearbox makes you think it’s a BMW, and that is probably what Lexus was aiming for. Despite the lack of torque, the 153 base hp engine doesn’t seem like it’s making an effort at all, on the contrary, I think it wants to play some more. Interior, simple, elegant with every gadget put in it’s place, makes this car not only easy to drive, but comfortable as well. All for less than  £5.000.

If you want even cheaper how about a Ford Puma for £2,000? This hatchback from Ford must have one of the best handling performances on this list and probably the best that ever came from Ford. The precision of the handling system is incredible. You enter a curve at speed and get out of it as safe and as easy, as if you were driving on a straight lane. The direction is controlled by the ace steering and a gearbox that controls the speed in every gear like no other makes this car easier than riding a bike. Under the sleek and keen looking body work resides Fiesta components that ensure quality and reliability. The standout 1.7 liter that develops 123 hp is a little marvel. It’s light, economical and quick. What more do you want?

Ford Puma

If you want to go for something longer, than the Peugeot 607 may be the car for you. With a starting price of only £4,000 the Peugeot isn’t exactly what you would call a common car. If you’re thinking about buying it new, you’d better forget it, no premium badge and a considerable depreciation in only 3 years, are only a few of the disadvantages that come with it. If you’re thinking of getting it used, that’s a completely different story. A car that size, that offers very exclusive equipment as standard and the best of comfort at less than £ 5000? If you would pass this along that means you’re as crazy as buying the exact version but new. Heat reflecting engine and standard ESP are only a few that come packed in this great bargain of a car.

Peugeot 607

The Honda Civic is not a flashy car, nor is it exciting in any way, but it get’s the job done flawlessly. It’s reliable and sturdy, the design and engineering are good so it will take you where you need to go and get you back safe and sound. For £4,000 you can get the coolest 1.6 liter SE variant that Honda has to offer. If you take a look inside you will be amazed by the actual space this, apparently small car, has to offer.

And finally, if you believe it, Land Rover for £5,000. This is unbelievable. The list’s absolute winner comes with class, sturdiness, all terrain capabilities and comfort packed all together in this amazing 4×4. the 2.5 liter V6 engine ensures enough power to it forward into your posession.

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OK, I admit that title might have gotten you a bit confused, but that’s just what the new strategy for Peugeot is. According to some sources, it seems that the French company has decided to follow-up its two sedans, the 407 and 607, will be just one vehicle, dubbed the 508.

This decision is largely due to economical constraints, as not a lot of people were interested in the big old 607, and that it will create a 408 model, but not the one you would expect, as it will just be a sedan version of the 308 hatchback, exclusively for the Chinese market.

Enough to make you scratch your heads? I thought so. It seems that this new 508 will become the company’s flagship model, and although this move might turn off a few fans, it will be targeted at the premium segment of the market. Rumors also indicate that Peugeot will borrow some of the technology its partner, Citroen, has developed for the new C5.

Last but not least, the model might arrive at the beginning of 2011, according to some voices, and a hybrid version might also make an appearance one year later, in late 2012.


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