Peugeot announces the 29 design contest finalists |

Posted on 21-08-2008 by Vlad Balan

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Peugeot has announced that the 29 finalists of its 5th edition design contest have been chosen. The 29 design were selected from more than 2,500 submissions. This year’s theme is “Imagine the Peugeot in the worldwide megalopolis of tomorrow” (Create a Concept Car which is designed to evolve within the cities of the future, whilst retaining the key values of the 21st century. The projects should bear Peugeot’s stylistic codes and must contain the following four aspects included in this design competition: environmental awareness, social harmony, interactive mobility and economic efficiency). The winner of this competition will be announced in October and, besides the €10,000 prize, will get his design created on a 1:1 scale as a design study and shown to the public at the 2009 Shanghai Motor Show.

The design you see pictured here is called the Peugeot Rayo and was designed by Ivan Kraljevi?, from Croatia. We really like this one. Another interesting one is the RD concept, created by Carlos Arturo Torres Tova from Colombia, you can see in the vide below. You really should check out the Peugeot contest’s website (click here) and vote on the designs, some of those are really cool. Oh yeah, and you can also win an Xbox 360 if you vote.

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