Peugeot: Take The Car Challenge

Peugeot had the idea to reinvent the “who can hold on to the car the longest gets to drive it/take it home” contest, that was pretty popular more than a few years back. They took it online and targeted, in our opinion, the users that had a lot of time to waste and a worked out finger.

The “Take The Car” challenge meant that contestants had to click-and-hold down the mouse for as long as possible, in order to win a drive test with one of the sporty Peugeot models: the 207 CC, the 308 CC or the RCZ. Cheaters were dashed with impromptu tests and people held on as long as 15 hours! And all that just to drive the car.

Of course, Peugeot didn’t miss the chance to advertise the models’ characteristics, so they used nearly 9,000 words to brag about their technological achievements and so on. Check out the entire story and its results below:

How do you think that contests such as this one still work?

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