Peugeot launching luxury sub-brand: Hors-série |

Peugeot is borrowing a page from Citroen’s play book, and has just announced that it will establish, with the release of the RCZ roadster, a new premium sub-brand, called Hors-série.

As you may remember, Citroen is getting a lot of attention because of its new DS lineup, which takes regular models from the French company and adds luxury features, moving them upmarket in terms of quality and price. Seeing that, its partner in the PSA Group, Peugeot, will do the same, as hors-serie means “built outside the regular, mass production, in French.

The RCZ is set to lead the pack, followed by a wagon variant of the future 508 sedan, which will also feature some interesting additions to the standard trim line. After this, another model, which hasn’t been detailed, will follow in 2012.

For what it’s worth, Citroen is set to make some pretty big sales with the DS lineup, so Peugeot might be onto something. Hopefully it will be able to market it correctly and succeed.

Source: Autocar

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