Peugeot working on new 3008 crossover |

The Nissan Qahqai was a huge success and it looks like Peugeot is working on a new crossover that will compete the Japanese. Codenamed T84, the new crossover will be based on the Prologue concept and will most likely get the 3008 name. According to Auto Express, the two-wheel-drive 3008 will go on sale next year, followed by an AWD version in 2011. While, at its debut, the 3008 will be available with a range of diesel and petrol engines, it seems that the 2011 model will have a hybrid powertrain, delivering 197 hp and 109g/km of CO2 emissions. More details will be available next year, closer to launch date, but rumors say that the car will have a starting price £1,000 (around $1,500) higher than the equivalent 308 hatchback.

Source: AutoExpress

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